Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Pallet headboard (or An Ode to my Amazing Husband!)

Ever since we moved into this house, we've been looking for a headboard. 

We had decided on the Brimnes headboard with storage in black.
Nice, right? Well, shipping was astronomical (as in, more than the the bed cost!) so off we went to Atlanta!

And it was sold out.

I really to wait and just go back later, but the Hubs really, REALLY hates Atlanta! So he started looking at headboards on Pinterest. He decided that he could build a pallet headboard, with storage and lights! And that's just what he did.

Isn't it pretty! Built in night stands, and storage behind! 

A grainy, nighttime "in progress" shot that shows the storage shelves.

Needless to say, I'm thrilled! 

The lights will be added after drill weekend!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

My new toy

 This, my friends, is the greatest invention since the iPad itself! A sd card reader for the iPad! Do you know what this means? I don't have to lug out the cranky laptop to download pictures from the big camera anymore! (And my Facebook friends have already gotten to reap the benefits. Pictures from Easter were still on my camera. Uhmmm... Oops!)
It's my new favorite thing!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Another summer, another move

Well, we're moving. Again. 

Apparently I need to blog more often. Or move less. Maybe both!

We moved last summer into a tiny rental house that my mom had so we would be closer to my parents while Jason was in Montgomery. Then, about a month ago, lightening hit that tiny house. Thankfully, the kids and I were at home. I know that sounds weird- yippee the kids were there when our house caught fire!-  but, really, if we hadn't been there, we likely would have lost everything to the fire. As it was, we just lost the electronics that were plugged up at the time. 

Well, that, and a place to live.

We've been crashing with my parents since. I'm beyond thankful, but I'm also ready to have my own space again. 

We are in the process of buying a manufactured home and having it put on our land. Not glamorous, but surprisingly beautiful! Hopefully we only have a few more weeks to wait, and I'll have pictures of our new (and hopefully final) house!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Life changes

This book is making me very uncomfortable. And challenging everything I am, everything I have ever done.

And it is wonderful and refreshing!

Backstory: a few weeks ago, the Hubby got a job offer that would require moving to Marion, Alabama. We had been toying with the idea of moving into my aunts old house that was currently empty. Another major downsize. Roughly 800 square feet for a family of four. But financially, the best move. 

Then the job offer. Marion doesn't really have the best schools, and with James getting ready to start kindergarten, it didn't seem like a good idea for all of us to move. So the little house made much more sense! It's small, yes, but it would just be me and the kids! And it's right across the road from my mom and dad. 

But here's the problem- it's a little single wide mobile home. It's old. And it looks just like an old single wide trailer. I'm pretty house-proud. I want curb appeal. I love driving through neighbor hoods looking at beautiful homes and landscaping. And this little house really hurt my pride.

Enter 7.

Jen Hatmaker has both convicted me and validated the decisions we've made. It's not about who has the cutest house- but who opens their doors to the lonely. It's not about who has the cutest clothes- it's about clothing yourself with humility and clothing the homeless. It's not about the stuff- it's about the Savior!

I'm not saying I'm there. Two bedrooms for a family of four can be challenging. And right now- what with improvement projects in both houses and getting Jason ready to go to Marion, we are not even seeing the financial benefits. But I feel that this was the best decision for us, and I feel that God is really trying to teach me something big.

So my house might be tiny- but the doors are open! Feel free to come by for coffee! :-)

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The only thing constant is change

Big changes are in the works for the Bennett clan.

We are moving!

No panic- we are just moving across town. No PCS, no moving company. But the move does entail another downsize. This time to a two bedroom, 870 sq ft house. I am both thrilled and terrified! I have always loved the idea of small living. I love the idea of a sustainable, off grid tiny house.

The idea, anyway.

The reality- well, we will see. 

The truth is, we are a family of four, with two large dogs. I am an only child and an introvert, who requires alone time to keep my sanity. But the opportunity is there, and financially, we just can't say no! I'm not exactly sure when the move will happen, but I know it will be sometime before August! So, stay tuned! :-)

Friday, January 4, 2013

Photography Fail

I'm not really a big resolution maker. I feel like it just sets me up for failure. However, I did make a commitment this year to write more and take at least one picture every day.

The writing- I've kept up with! Either here, or journaling or just a simple brain dump at night, words have made it to paper (or screen!)

The photography- fail.
Not one single photo.
Not. One.
So, I'm declaring a do over! Today is a new day, so I'm starting fresh!
(And I even plan to bust out the Big Camera, so watch out!)

Did you make resolutions this year?
Have you kept them, or do you need a do over, too?

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

Happy 2013!

I cannot believe it is already a new year! So much has happened over the past 12 months, I don't even know where to start. And I definitely didn't keep up my plan about blogging last year. :-)

Honestly, I have no idea if I will do any better this year. And that is not even one of my goals. I do have several, though. I want to capture more of life in pictures. I want to write more- whether here on this blog or just journaling for me. I want to get back into shape. I want to ENJOY life more!
But mostly, I want to find myself. I want to find my passions- in writing, in photography, in life! I have spent so much time doing the things I'm supposed to, I don't even know what I really like anymore. And I refuse to settle like that! So 2013 is going to be my year to rediscover me!

Wish me luck!